Scaffolding Consultancy Service


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We go beyond offering services necessary to make your projects work. Innovations such as our dedicated Scaffolding Management and Design Team to ensure efficient and professional site management to maximise savings and streamline workflows.

Our Vision

Senior management focus on establishing and maintaining strong relationships with the company’s client base, which ranges from small privately owned companies to IOCs, as we believe that it is only through developing a comprehensive understanding of our client’s needs that we can appropriately meet their training and service requirements.

Our History

WAH Safety Solutions Ltd is a privately owned, multi-disciplined company based in the United Kingdom. At WAH Safety Solutions Ltd we pride ourselves on the high level of expertise and diversification of services and training that we provide, and have more than 40 years experience working in Oil, Gas, Renewables, Petrochemical and Construction Industries both onshore and offshore.

Dedicated Provider

We have an established track record in providing quality consultation/training to clients across Oil & Gas, Renewables, Petrochemical and Construction Industries. Our set of values and principles that underpin our organisation are aligned with our overall objective, which is one of being our client’s first and repeated choice consultation/training provider


We have over 40 years’ experience in high risk industries such as the Oil & Gas industry. Our excellent safety record is testament to a hard-working ethos and transparent approach to health, safety and the environment both on and offshore.


We only use top quality professionals to provide the best services and training options available to you


Supporting your project from the ground up.

We firmly believe in talking to our clients to find the best possible solution before any work begins. This may well involve traditional scoffolding, but at WAH Safety Solutions Ltd, we explore as many options as possible to find the most cost-effective and efficient way to meet our clients’ needs.

In Kiewit, USA, that’s exactly what we did, In consultations with our client, we determined that a unique and engineered tube and fitting scaffolding system was the best solution to speed up the offshore Leviathan hook-up. The scaffold structures were pre-erected for the loadout. WAH Safety Solutions Ltd used state-of-the-art engineering and erected the scaffold to withstand a force 10 storm, which provided access for all tie in pipes and riser pipes once both lifts were made offshore.

By using innovative WAH Safety Solutions Ltd thinking and listening to our clients, we managed to save a substantial sum of money and time on the project schedule.

Access Design Solutions

Access is success.

The first step when it comes to tackling a challenging engineering project is gaining access to it. But access comes in many shapes and sizes. From scaffolding and rope access and other specialist methods, WAH Safety Solutions Ltd offers the entire spectrum of solutions to tackle even the most difficult projects.

In short: WAH Safety Solutions Ltd provide you all thenecessary tools to not only ensure your project’s success, but to also save you time, money and effort in the process.

Specialist Access

Finding exactly the right access solution can be a challenging task. That’s why we work with our engineering department and provide our clients with a step-by-step guide to ensure they fully understand the design build sequence from start to finish.

Rope Access

Reaching the parts that other solutions cannot.

The first step when it comes to tackling a challenging Rope access is as simple as it is ingenious. Fast becoming a preferred means of access to industries such as oil, gas, petrochemical, power generation, construction and environmentally sensitive areas, this method minimises risk and maximises flexibility.

WAH Safety Solutions Ltd provides highly trained, competent specialists that are well versed in the art of using rope to access challenging areas. Furthermore, we only supply fully qualified IRATA personnel (International Rope Access Trade Association).

Rope access can also be combined with our other solutions to maximise integrated services and efficiency, with scaffolding, rigging, cable pulling, surface preparation and protection.